A team fueled by connection.

We are an international team that collaborates over an extended network that reaches to different places. It is in this shared experience that we find inspiration and innovation that propels our work forward.


• Ringo

Ringo R. Seeber directs all project development from defining methodologies to final executions, and everything in between. Focusing on delivering successful and detailed outcomes on target, on time, and on budget. He has an interdisciplinary foundation that includes experience as typesetter and editorial designer, and as art/creative director in advertising, publishing, and branding firms; with skills picked up along the way, in creativity, copywriting, publication, marketing, management, integrated communications, and strategy. His global perspective gained across years working in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, New York City, gives him international insight and the advantage of broad exposure to multiple industries from regional clients to larger multinational corporations. Passionate about typography, as a functional, cultural, identity, communication, and symbolic tool, Ringo counts with an extensive experience in its application to enhance projects of all kinds, then also given to the design of type. Recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, he is also known to run workshops and lectures. Graduated with honors, Ringo holds two bachelor degrees, followed by three postgraduate degrees, in the areas of Graphic Design, Strategy, Publishing, Typography (UBA, FAECC, and Gutenberg, Buenos Aires; Cooper Union, New York). 
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• Moira

Moira Triveri, the “Client Partner,” is in charge of Client & Strategic Services. Moira has extensive domestic and international experience in strategic branding, market analysis, product launches, development and implementation of marketing programs, integrated marketing communication campaigns, as well as crafting multicultural campaigns in the US and in Latin America. She has worked for major marketing, advertising and consulting firms, such as IBM Corp, Time Inc., Grey Advertising, Ogilvy & Mather, SCPF/JWT, servicing CPG, telco, beverages, retail clients, wireless, among others. She earned her BS in Marketing at George Mason University, in Virginia.

• Hyancarlo

Hyancarlo Monroy manages the daily operations improving the processes of the whole team members, helping free them up so that they can focus on their day-to-day projects. Passionate about being organized, he coordinates and prioritizes the workload, schedules, and status, taking care of specifications and coordinating the deliverables. With a deep love for all things graphics, technology, innovation, he provides general support and encourage collaboration with other profesionals. Hyancarlo earned his Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Arts Production Management at CUNY New York City College of Technology.

• Gabriel

Gabriel Lopes provides his talent and versatility in both general creative concept and every detail of creative execution. In conjunction with Hyancarlo and the extended team of designers, Gabriel, master multiple disciplines and techniques, ranging from traditional to digital design, which allows him to provide great contributions to all sorts of themes and projects with comprehensive solutions and fast turnarounds. Gabriel studied at The Art Institute of New York City and at School of Visual Arts NYC. 

• Andi
• Astor

Andi Speedy and Astor Ballada provide versatile creativity and words in different languages. With their expertise and innovative vision, from journalism and press to commercial and corporate copywriting, print, digital, and online community management, their words allow our work to establish dialogues between companies, brands and publications, and their audiences.

• Darío

Darío Toscano is in charge of operations for editorial and branding projects, he has extensive experience in publishing and websites. He is responsible for the planning, development and execution of production processes, ensuring clients maximize their results while minimizing costs. In the past, he was part of the accounts services, brand management, and new projects teams, at agencies in Buenos Aires and in Barcelona, in charge of local and international accounts. Dario studied Advertising in Argentina, and Graphic Design and Publishing in Spain.

• Guille

Guillermo Caro focuses on cause-related marketing strategies and communication for social purposes. Also on social innovation and new technologies, media content with social impact, fundraising and corporate social responsibility. For global, regional and local campaigns. He utilizes his amazing record as an international consultant, developer of content, writer, professor, and creative strategist for large companies, organizations, and government and international organizations. He has repeatedly won awards such as Cannes, Clio, One Show (USA), London Festival, New York Festival, FIAP, among others.

• Fer

Fer Heredia collaborates with us not only with his talent on photography and digital art, but also with his skills on processing. 

• Al

Al De Piero brings in visual creativity and illustration that is always bright, with a strong artistic background and a proficiency of many themes and styles, both traditional and digital. He turns our work into an expression of hands and tools, as well as the mind and the heart. He has received some of the most important awards at several occasions, such as Clio, FIAP, Martín Fierro, among others. 

• Quique
• Cristian
• Pablo
• Jorge 

Quique Ollervides, Cristian Vargas, Pablo Bosch, Jorge Cabral, partner with us contributing with their award-winning strong design backgrounds, vast experience, and renowned quality, for all kind of projects around the world, as part of our extended network in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. Quique, Cristian, Pablo and Ringo, are developing Type Bastards, a band for the development, empowerment and incentive of typography.